insulating home foundation walls with insulation styrofoam sheets for house energy saving.

Foundation Repair

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    As the foundation repair experts, we are prepared to offer you exceptional foundation repair services to accommodate your home or commercial property. Whether you are looking to improve your existing foundation with some reinforcements and repairs, or you need a new foundation altogether, our team is eager to assist you further in providing you quality service that you can depend on. We make it easier than ever before to have reliable foundation repairs brought right straight to you.

    Ceiling Cracks

    Ceiling cracks are a common side effect of a damaged foundation. When your foundation starts to fault or deteriorate, you'll first notice cracks in the basement before they make their way up to your primary ceilings. The cracks in the ceilings usually appear in the corners where the walls meet with the ceilings. This is where the most amount of pressure is, and where the foundation will press on the ceilings. Repairing those cracks will require repairs to the foundation so they don't continue to reopen and worsen over time. Once your foundation is repaired, we can then move on to repairing the ceiling cracks and sealing them shut.

    Basement Cracks

    Basement cracks can occur when you least expect them, and they’re usually indicative of a much larger problem. Minor cracks in your basement can be the result of small leaks in the concrete or drywall, while larger cracks that are wider and deeper can indicate damages to your foundation. If you have questions or concerns regarding your basement cracks, give us a call and we’d be happy to inspect them further and tackle the root source of the problem: the foundation.


    If your foundation was not installed correctly or is naturally deteriorating over time, it’s likely due to a shift in the soil that has pushed your foundation to move out of place. Other elements can cause leaks to your foundation, such as tree roots growing into it and causing the shift, or failure to secure the foundation in appropriately. When your foundation succumbs to these elements, it can lead to cracks in the concrete and base, which can weaken the structure of the foundation and cause fragility throughout the rest oof your home or commercial property. We can help tackle those unwanted leaks and repair them accordingly to combat future damages.

    When to Repair

    There isn’t a right or wrong time to repair your foundation, but it should be done when you notice damages and cracks occurring in your home. Leaving a foundation to deteriorate can result in damages to your home’s interiors, such as the flooring, walls, ceilings, and even your light fixtures, appliances, and piping. The shift of a foundation can rotate your home’s levels and create an unsafe environment for you to live in long-term. Therefore, we recommend having your foundation checked every few years, to get an idea of its condition and durability, so you can be better prepared to repair it when damages occur.

    If you're in need of foundation repairs in Fort Wayne, call us today.

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