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Basement Waterproofing

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    Basement waterproofing services are delivered to those looking to improve your basement and prevent further flooding, cracks, and damages to your home. We offer professional waterproofing services that make it easy to secure your basement and deter water buildup and moisture from seeping in and ruining your home’s interiors. All it takes is one leak or crack that appears to damage your home and flood your basement.


    When it comes to waterproofing your basement, it's important that your basement has adequate drainage. Without drainage, any water that does get in has nowhere to go and will only buildup further and seep into the walls, carpet, or furniture. Part of our waterproofing services includes installing new drains or checking the existing ones to make sure they're up to par and properly draining your water. A working drain will keep your basement clear of water long-term and filter it accordingly away from your basement.

    Waterproofing Floors

    Waterproofing floors is done by adding a waterproofing layer to the surface of the floor to prevent water from being able to soak into the flooring. The waterproofing solution is a thick coating applied to hard floors and makes cleaning easy and deters water from damaging the flooring, especially if you have hardwood floors, vinyl, laminate, or concrete. Waterproofing your floors will protect them for longer, so it is highly recommended. After the waterproofing membrane has been installed on top of your floor’s surfaces, we will then seal the waterproofing solution in place and allow it to dry. This will prevent water from getting into your basement and help with maintenance when you need to clean it or remove any water buildup.

    Waterproofing Walls

    Waterproofing your walls can also be done with the same waterproofing solution that is used on your flooring. Most basement walls are made from concrete or drywall, so adding the waterproofing solution to the walls will build the same thick coating that prevents water from soaking in. Should water seep into the walls or leak in, it can result in cracks in your concrete or discoloration and mold in your drywall. Waterproofing your walls will deter this from happening so you can get longer use out of your basement's walls for longer.

    Waterproofing Ceiling

    Waterproofing your ceiling is a great way to stop water from finding a way in and making its way through your wall, your crawl spaces, your insulation, and even into your light fixtures. We offer professional waterproofing for your ceiling to enhance your basement's safety and keep you safe as well. Having water come in contact with your insulation or light fixtures can result in pests accumulating behind your walls, as well as electrical damages that are hazardous to those in the home. Waterproofing your ceiling will protect your home from unwanted water leaks that can often start at the ceiling if you have a faulty roof or if your exterior waterproofing system is not operating properly.