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Basement Crack Repair

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    If your basement has recently flooded or is suffering from cracks, it’s likely due to a shifting and faulty foundation. We’re here to assist with professional basement crack repairs and can ensure that the cracks are not detrimental to your home’s interiors and that they don’t impede your ability to enjoy your home to the fullest. Repairing basement cracks before they progress will enable you to save yourself time and money from future, more extensive repairs.

    Why Do Basements Crack?

    Basements often crack as a result of foundation shifts or leaks in the base. When your basement’s floors are continually exposed to excessive amounts of moisture, the water can eventually diminish the integrity of the flooring material, breaking down the base and weakening its structure. This can lead to cracks that spread throughout the floors and onto the walls and ceilings, especially if your basement is all made from the same materials, such as concrete or drywall. The best way to tackle basement cracks is to have preventative measures in place.

    What Basement Cracks Mean

    If you start to notice basement cracks appearing throughout your flooring, walls, and ceiling, they could also be indicative of a much larger problem: foundation cracks. When your foundation begins to deteriorate, the signs of decreased strength will start to show in your basement because of its location. As the foundation damages progress, they’ll go further up into your home, including into your upper stories and the walls and ceilings there. If your basement begins to crack excessively, it’s probably time to get an expert in. Small cracks are usually harmless and can be related to water damages, but larger, deeper cracks, are usually related to foundation problems.

    Sealing Cracks

    One of the main ways that we tackle basement cracks is to seal them completely. This is usually done with the appropriate material based on where the crack is. If the crack is located within the concrete, we'll use concrete crack fillers to close it up and seal it shut. If the cracks are in drywall, we'll use Spackle to reconnect the ridges and seal the crack closed. Sealing cracks prevents them from spreading or worsening with more impact. Should the cracks reopen and continue to worsen, you'll need to look at repairing your foundation first, as it holds more weight and strength. A worsening foundation will continue to show the effects on your basement.

    Repairing Cracks

    If you've had your foundation repaired but are still left with unsightly cracks, our team can assist further in repairing those cracks. This is done by sealing them shut and using the same methods as above. If the repairs are too wide and deep, we'll recommend cutting out the material and replacing it entirely, as this will give you more structural strength long-term. Crack fillers are meant to serve as temporary fixes for minor damages, but larger damages will require replacements to reinforce the surface and add back in the missing strength.