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Have you noticed an increase in cracks in your basement? Or water leaks appearing throughout your home’s ceilings and walls? If so, you’re probably in need of the professional services of a licensed foundation repair expert. Foundation repair pros can deliver high-quality services to accommodate your foundations and reinforce them to protect your home. Without a secure foundation, your home can succumb to water damages, pest infestations, and expensive damages. It can even lose its structural strength and integrity, which can result in a lower home value and decreased safety as a whole. To deter these negative effects, call your local foundation repair pro ASAP!

About Us

As part of the Acculevel family, Foundation Repair Fort Wayne proudly provides the area’s top-rated foundation repair services, ranging from basement crack repairs, house leveling, crawl space repairs, commercial concrete leveling, and basement waterproofing. We specialize in all things related to your foundation and work diligently to ensure your foundation is secured and enforced for your long-term comfort and use. When your foundation isn’t in top condition, it can lead to expensive damages and compromised safety. We aim to reverse and prevent those issues with our expert foundation repair services.

Our Services

Our unique range of quality foundation repair services was designed to give our community the safety and comfort they require from their structures. Whether it’s your home or your commercial building, we believe in providing reliable durability and enhancing your foundation in a safe and secure manner. We can attend to all foundations, basements, and crawl spaces, as well as provide building leveling and house leveling to keep your property structurally-maintained.

Ft Wayne foundation repair

"After I noticed a lot of cracks in my basement, I didn't know who to call. My neighbor recommended I call Foundation Repair Fort Wayne, and I'm so glad I did! They were really professional and offered the best basement waterproofing Indiana has to offer. They also provided basement crack repairs, which made it easy to take care of my basement in one go. I can highly recommend their services!” – David W.

“After our home’s crawl space was flooded with leaks, we got in touch with the guys at Foundation Repair Fort Wayne for some crawl space repairs. Not knowing how to approach the problem, they gave us thorough feedback on what needed to be done, how to waterproof the area, and what kind of damages we were looking at. It was nice to have transparent experts giving us the rundown on the area. They didn't charge much either, so that made the experience all the better!" – Roberta T.

“For the best foundation repairs Fort Wayne has to offer is definitely from the guys at Foundation Repair Fort Wayne. They’re top-notch for all of your basement waterproofing needs, foundation repairs, and house leveling. Definitely wouldn’t recommend anyone else!” – Debbie G.

waterproofing city flat house foundation with bitumen

Foundation Repair

Foundation repairs are often needed when your foundation needs reinforcements, and the ground begins to shift your foundation out of place. If your foundation begins to shift out of place, it can result in cracks and leaks throughout your home. Those leaks can progress to flooding and further water damages that can see your drywall and concrete get replaced entirely. Our foundation repairs can save your home from needing those replacements by adding some structure to the foundation and reinforcements.

Basement Crack Repair

Along with specializing in quality foundation repairs, we can also assist in repairing your basement cracks. Basements typically crack as a result of too much exposure to water or moisture or even from a faulty foundation. As the foundation shifts and provokes the basement to crack, water can leak in and lead to extensive damage to the concrete and drywall. With our basement crack repairs, we'll not only seal those cracks, but we'll prevent them from returning again.

house foundation wall repair, renovation with installing metal sheets on metal frame for waterproofing and protect from wetness.
waterproofing of the foundation for the construction of a house made of wood.

Basement Waterproofing

Basement waterproofing services are delivered to those that need extra protection for their basement. Your basement’s location means it is vulnerable to water leaks, flooding, and general damage. To waterproof your basement, we’ll install a waterproofing membrane solution, as well as check the drains for any disruptions.

Crawl Space Repair

Crawl space repairs can also tackle any potential leaks or water damage that have found their way into your crawl space. We offer inspections for your crawl space and our waterproofing and repair solutions to keep it dry and free from moisture. The crawl space can serve as a breeding ground for mold and pests, but our services can easily prevent that.

crawl space repair Ft Wayne
concrete pillars on construction site. building of skyscraper with crane, tools and reinforced steel bars.

Commercial Building Leveling

Commercial building leveling is done for our commercial clients that require our assistance in leveling their commercial floors because the foundation has begun to shift or deteriorate. Leveling the floors is done to keep the walls and ceilings secure and straight. When the floors aren't leveled due to previous foundation problems, it can lead to cracks in the walls and ceilings, which are then prone to water damages.

House Leveling & Foundation Leveling

Just as it's done for our commercial clients, house leveling and foundation leveling are completed in the same manner for our residential clients. When your home's foundation is deteriorating, or the soil is shifting and causing it to move as well, your home will succumb to interior damages that compromise both its structural integrity, your safety, and its beauty. Our foundation leveling services can help prevent and reverse those damages by leveling the floors and foundation so the home is better balanced at its base.

an old house (exposing the porch) rests on steel girders as a new concrete basement is being created. basemen and foundation is being created

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If you are interested in learning more about our professional foundation repair services or would simply like to schedule a consultation with one of our foundation pros, then be sure to get in touch with us today! We encourage you to do so by giving us a call on the service number that we’ve provided on our website. When you call this number, you’ll be connected to a member of our customer care team, who can advise you further on the types of services we offer and which would be most suitable for you. You can also receive a free quote through the contact form on our homepage by filling in the form with your details.

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